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Lillian & Eva
Mom I don’t want to make Creme Brule, I want the raspberry coulis instead.
Lillian to me while we decide what to make for dessert. Somehow this makes me so happy.

New Years eve

Regular days Jan 2014

At the Dog Beach

Camille let’s focus on building the chicken’s home. They’ll need their dinner soon.

Lillie speaking to Camille as they gather the branches leftover from trimming the fruit trees

Kevin: Are you gonna sit here and eat all my ice cream? Lillie: No, you are just going to share with me.

Regular days and Eva’s Park party

A December weekend

Picking up the Christmas tree

Thanksgiving weekend 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Today marks the last day I will nurse one of my babies. I have felt ready to wean Eva and I think Eva is ready to stop nursing. I didn’t think too much of it till I sat rocking her to sleep tonight, her little chubby arms and hands pressed against me while we rocked in the glow of Christmas lights and I sang her favorite song.
She fell asleep so quickly, tired from a chaotic holiday and I just held her rocking. Breathing in the sweet smell of her goldie locks, holding in my arms not a baby but a little girl who will turn two in a couple of weeks. And I cried. We don’t plan on having more children and while one can never be sure what the future holds, for now it appears this chapter in my life, where I nursed babies and changed diapers will soon end.
What comes next will surely be wonderful and frightening but I never realized how quickly this chapter would end.
For tonight I am thankful for the chance to rock my littlest to sleep and I  will try my hardest to live as fully in the moment that I can. For these babe’s grow like weeds and these moments are truly fleeting.